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Testimony  About Charmain
Charmain is a leader of 'God is Good' mission organization and a professional school runner who had trained all my pre-school staffs for early childhood education. To me it has been  very impressive to see how  she helps  former drug addicts skilfully. In my thirty years missionary experience I have never seen such a brave and spirit filled harvester for God's kingdom.   She also has been our faithful Sunday School teacher  since 2009. Our 'Gospel Garden Church' is situated at local township surrounded by  Ebony Park, Ivory Park, Kaalfontein and Rabeiridge. In these areas crime rate is very high and children are often rough and tough to train, however  Charmain's consistent disciplining methods  seem to work.  At our Sunday school class kids are quietly focused on her teaching. She says she has to invest for young ones before they are engaged in pulling down the society.   I have noticed that Charmain is exceptionally courageous and effective for ministering to young people's heart  and as the result of her passion for developing young people to leaders  many teen boys  and young men are fond of her and follow her.  On top of her ministry gift I have to mention her outreach zeal for community, cooperationg with police and having compassion for mentally disturbed people. As such  She is a hot mover and passionate evangelist.

Information about Gospel Garden Church:  
Senior pastor: Woon Kyo  Jeong/ Gospel Garden Church started on December 2006/ Main ministry of GGC: pastoring, ministry for university students, Father school/ Church address: 117 Boshoff Road, President Park, Midrand/ About Me: Yang Mee Park, pastor's wife/1983-1990 Youth With A Mission Nairobi base staff/ 1990- 1999 with husband  Yoido Full Gospel Church (pastor Young Gi Cho"s church) missionary to Kenya, pioneering Lindi Central church and Kibera Montessori school at Kibera slum of Kenya/ sent to South Africa year 2000/ at present running GGC and Gospel Garden Pre-School

Jul 19, 2012

God is still faithful in leading us and directing us for His Name sake and for His Kingdom to be established.

Feb 17, 2010

Positive intervention made a differance

Taylor was assisted in the afternoons after school from October 2009 to December 2009.

Feb 2, 2010

Jade schooling & contribution



Charmaine, you have certainly been such an incredible source of strength.  I don't know what else to say. I am now at a loss for words. Yes, in the beginning I thought you were a crazy religious woman, but you were my last hope as Jane the Social worker had literally pushed Jade back into my arms, as they could not keep Jade at Angle's Place any longer. We just could not have Jadie home to continue facing any more destruction. The three of us needed time out and healing time too. Not even Desmond TuTu, a place of safety would take her in, because she had skipped 2 days of not taking her medication. And then you wanted to take Jade off her medication totally.  That too was far too intense and too quick for me to handle.  Long term Laurence and I wanted that but not right now and probably at a slower pace.


It's amazing how God knows everything. His timing is perfect in everything.  All the doors seemed to shut closed; except for 'God is Good'. This is where Jade has been brought to you.  God knows exactly what Jade needs.


We followed up with Jane regarding the school of Industry and the court, etc and received nothing but push back form her and hostility. So we have never heard from Jane since.  Laurence and I agreed to leave Jadie with you and see how things went and if there would be any changes in Jade.  Jane also mentioned in the beginning that if we decided to bring Jadie to you that the Government would not be involved and that we would need to do this in our own capacity.


Charmaine, I am very grateful for your wisdom that God has instilled in you. I am very grateful for everything that you have done and will be doing for Jadie.  Thanks you so very much. My baby girl means so much to me. I love her more than life it's self. We have gone through so much together. I am just so very proud of her. She has so much to give. God, for sure and I believe deep down has blessed her with an amazing gift / talent.  When Jade is ready in years to come, I can't wait to baptise my Jadie girl into Jesus. Please Charmaine if that is one thing I can ask of you, don't take that away from me. I really want to baptise Jadie in our Church.  I hope that you understand. We can chat about it later if you like.


You know the night that Laurence and I wanted to take Jadie, God was really protecting her. Just thinking about it, that if Laurence and I did take her it would have been the biggest mistake ever. Obviously us not knowing how seriously deep Jadie was into the drugs and other things that she was involved in.


Thank you Charmaine.  Thank you so very much for saving our daughters life through the help of God.

I am eternally grateful to you.


Charmaine, regarding Jadie's schooling in breaking it down – I think that it will be much better like that.

I want you to know that we are 100% committed to you in paying you the xxxxx every month.  Certainly if we could afford more we would.  You have helped us so much with Jade and are so grateful. The lump sum fees for schooling has been an issue, but breaking it up I think will probably be a bit better.  Thanks.


I appreciate that I can be totally open and honest with you and tell you how I really feel.




Kind regards


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Dec 18, 2007

My Brother became new....

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