May 20, 2023

20230426 Botswana daily teaching the Word of God which is TRUTH

Teaching in Botswana... God loves the sinner, but hates the sin which is founded on a lie to kill, rob and destroy. Let's agree with God and lay down our vein imaginations for HIS Word is TRUE, and tested, and the Truth will set you free!

All Satan has to do is to get you to believe a lie, which will steal, rob and destroy you as you will be miserable, unhappy and eventually you will hate yourself and your life and you will destroy yourself and those around you. In contrast... The TRUTH is liberating and gives you freedom, hope, life and joy! It is worth seeking out. If you seek HIM, you WILL find Him, your Saviour and Creator of all, the very expression of LOVE, for he didn't buy you, pay for you or send another to redeem you! No, God came Himself to earth, for He is LOVE and no more LOVE does a man have than he lay down His life for another! Jesus Christ died for me so I may choose Him, be redeemed, and have eternal life! There is no other mediator, but ONE, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was promised as our Redeemer in the Old covenant, and fulfilled all so we may have a better covenant. 

This is not a RELIGION, a set of rules or a program, but a relationship, fellowship based on love, truth, trust, faithfulness, hope and because of His finished work, our response, faith in Him, for He is not a man that He can lie! Our faith is rooted in Him, that He is able, and faithful and truthful!

Who the Son sets free, is free indeed!


20230421 Botswana Burning bondage & satanic Strings

Burning all the DEAD things (satanic and evil things which rob us from life for they are not TRUE, but a lie) holding people in bondage so they can have beauty out of Ashes

May 19, 2023

20230430 Bots delivered by Truth & Joy

Many people were delivered during worship... The Joy of the Lord is my strength and Worship is a weapon! The foolish things of the world confound the wise.

20230421 Travelling into the wilderness & desolate places to share God's...

A taste of the roads we needed to travel to get to the remote villages

20230501 Botswana Mission Testimony with Holy Spirit he can read bible a...

Since receiving Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit he can read the Bible, retain it and he ponders on the Word of God daily and habitually. We have NOT been left fatherless, like orphans. Jesus left to send us the Teacher, our Guide, Advocate and the One who leads us into all the Truth and Prepare us for heaven and eternity... The Holy Spirit. Have you received Him?

20230421 Botswana drone view of where God sent us to deliver His Word

Aerial view of the bush God sent us to in Botswana, to minster and bring His Word to those unreached. His boundless love knows no limit and no measure!

20230422 Botswana Mission testimony from witchdoctor to pastor as he exp...

Ex-Witchdoctor, now a child of God, declares himself to be the enemy of satan, of the witches and that he has received power from God by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that he will stand and protect even the children from the powers of darkness, evil and from the tokolosh.

God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.